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Pura Raza Espaola��� Pure Spanish Andalusians

Exceptional Quality�� Classical Type�

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Andalusians de Mythos is dedicated to preserving the classical

and rarified antiquity of the breed.� Our mares descend from

bloodlines revered for baroque type and extravagant movement,

combining� form, function & flair with an endearing nature.


They pass on magnificent round outlines, powerful impulsion

and fabulous minds. Our precious foals are hand-raised with

the greatest care.� Most are suited for multiple disciplines

and promise to become stellar athletes for sport...

and to be your horse for life.


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Our beloved third generation mare herd is the heart and soul of the Mythos breeding program.


Live the myth and legend of the Andalusian with the

charismatic offspring from these fine mares.


Contact us to inquire about reserving� your choice

�of an enchanting young horse from our breeding program .


General information on the breed is located at the main site.

See our� foals HERE.