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Andalusians for Sale

Text Box: Recent Sales

Taliesen MMay 2005 grey colt with black gene out of Camelot Bonita (94% Cartujano). Thank you Kemberly & Randy!

Toltec M�� 2005 PRE Dressage Colt Congratulations to first time stallion owner Pam Kirby in AZ.

Embrujada XVI��

Indiano XXVI� x� Manijera VIII

15.3H Revised PRE imported mare from Spain, Nobleza del Guadiana Congratulations to Encanto Andaluz!

Lelio- EXPORTED TO SWEDEN Bred, raised and trained by Anatis Farms, France. Buckskin Stallion, athletic & beautiful

Temaria� (Black)� and Temeralda (Grey)�����

Indiano lines:� Temaria� and her half sister Temeralda, 2 YO fillies by Temerario X, imported PRE bay stallion from Spain, Nobleza del Guadiana.

AMOROSO XLIII - Revised 1998 Imported PRE 16H stallion bred by the Escobar stud in Spain Congratulations to Kate Murdock, NY.

Camelot Bonita - Purebred Spanish Mare by Bonito VIII, US national Champ. imported high school exhibition stallion.

Avatar M - 2004 PRE bay colt sired by Conquistador. Indiano XVIII grandson. Congratulations G. Furness, Colorado

Fiado 6 Yr Old Gelding

Fiado H�15.2H� Talented gelding trained in dressage & eventing. Congratulations Susan Smith of IL!�

Kachina MSpanish 2 YO filly extremely nice temperament & lots of movement, quick and agile. Leviton & Bocado lines.

Congratulations to Carrie Johnson!

Beltrano Andalusian-Friesian Cross

Black� Stud Colt by Conquistador Calm gentle nature. Stallion quality! He will be a future performing star for MEDIEVAL TIMES!


Black Dressage Stallion Congratulations to Joanne in Boca Raton

Cervantes M Grey PRE Yearling Colt. Congratulations to Marsha Small in Alberta, Canada.

Maximus M Black PRE Yearling Colt. Congratulations to Colleen in B.C. Canada.

Nepenthe M Beautiful fairy tale PRE� Grey Mare. Congratulations to Michelle in Victoria, Canada.

Acension M�� 2006 PRE Colt. Beautiful soul, the kindest colt you will ever meet. Dam Arisca Pure Terry mare, by Conquistador. Congratulations to Carrie Johnson!

Zacharia Beautiful Pure Spanish stallion, classical dressage training under Bettina Drummond Congrats to Echo of OR!

BAILADOR Yearling Lusitano Colt with lovely balanced extensions and impulsion, overreach. He is an uphill dressage movement with sweetheart personality.�� Congratulations to Pam Lytton � MT

Relampago 11YO Powerhouse Spanish Gelding with sweetheart demeanor. Thank you Jennifer & Olivia in TX!

Contessa RSA 2008 Black PRE� Filly Calisto MHF x Vaquera IX, an Indiano XVIII daughter�

2006 Spanish Grey Gelding by General

Sold to Grand Prix trainer, Canada


2007 PSL Cremello colt by Tufao Interagro (P) x Xarola (P) Purebred colt, double dilute� metallic shine


Talented Chestnut Lusitano Gelding Sold to GP dressage trainers Congratulations to L. Alexander


Extremely fine Buckskin Lusitano Stallion bred by Carpe Diem Lusitanos. Congrats to Nikki of CA

Susan Ambrose


Renaissance TCV�

16.3H PRE Stallion, FEI prospect

Sold to dressage trainer in NY

Sereno -� Buckskin Lusitano gelding classically trained in dressage. Champion stallion ERAHC 2010. Congrats to Kathy Kamei of CA

Demario HPF� 2010 PRE bay ANCCE inscribed colt - performance, breeding or halter prospect.� Congratulations to Fredrica of KY

DEM Regalo

PRE Stallion classically trained

Sold to dressage home

Boleo M�

Grey PRE Dressage Stallion Congratulations to Brooke in IN

Cortesana XXVI

Grey PRE Imported Mare Cardenas bloodlines Congratulations Sue Ann!

Castalia M

Grey PRE Filly Querida K x Dante

Congratulations Kathy of CA!

Jasmin ECV

Grey PRE Mare by Prestigio

Congratulations Christie of Canada

Electra M

Grey PRE Filly Jasmin x Dante

Congratulations to Filipe & Juana

of Atlanta GA (from Spain)

Valentino M

Elegant Stallion Prospect with heavy Cardenas bloodlines. Congratulations to Amina Bursese of NY

Tristan M 2004 PRE sensible, intelligent & athletic stallion by Dante. Congratulations to Cynthia K of NY!

Regaton II

Incredible imported PRE Stallion. Congratulations Rebecca Williams,

El Encanto Andaluz!�

KBF Adoro

PRE Stallion, Guarapo son Congratulations Cherlynn Becker,


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