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Susan Ambrose



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Pago is here!  He is FABULOUS, and you were certainly right that this boy is baroque.  I'm a little bit jealous of my daughter's horse.  ;-)   He got off the trailer, looked around, and piaffed a few steps.  :-)  We were duly impressed.  I walked him back to his pasture and he passaged most of the way, but he was a perfect gentleman, passaging right at my shoulder.  

We passed by the alpacas, who all of the horses think are evil horse killers, and he merely looked at them and kept going, no big deal.  What a marvelous mind he's got. I have to tell y'all that Liv and I are already in love with Pago.  What a beautiful boy he is, and so noble looking, and just a very willing soul.  I'm always touched by the generous nature of horses, going along with us willingly even in circumstances that just don't make sense (like long trailer rides to unknown people and places).  Livia is on cloud nine.  What a dream come true for her, and for me, too.  Thank you!!!!  Hugs to each of you� ~ Jennifer and Olivia

Zacharia is a dream realized today!

Relampago�s new owners in Texas express their enthusiasm:

�It is official!� I am so excited to now start the next stage of my relationship, my life with Zach!!!!! He is the most wonderful faery tale horse in all of the world. I am so happy I happened to be browsing google for Andalusians and happened upon your site so many months ago.� I would never have dreamed I would be the proud companion of such an animal.�

Thank you so very much for your guidance and knowledge throughout these months. I feel I really gained a trusted friend in you.  You were the gateway for me to find my perfect horse and the voice for me to learn so very much about a breed I never knew a thing about. Now I am a devoted worshipper of the Iberian horse. Forever. Yay!!!!!
I hope more people get to have dealings with honest big hearted sellers rather than greedy money hungry ones. It was a joy and honor. I cannot say it enough, Thank you.��� Sincerely,� Echo�

Hello Susan,

Well, I have waited to write you just to surprise you and let you know that I got my guy here yesterday. Oh, Susan, he is so neat.  I am really excited!!! 

It was so neat to see my kids so excited when they saw the trailer pulling up the road with my husband coming home with him.  They ran to get me and tell me that they were coming and we were all out to meet Dad and our newest family member when they parked.  What a great day.  You couldn't have asked for a better welcome home day.  The sun was shining and the air was just sparkling with rays of happiness.  It just doesn't get any better than that around here, Susan.� When I first laid eyes on him, his heart spoke to mine and that's what I am looking for is a special friend in my life like that, again!

Thank you, Susan, thank you so much for all you did to help me get this horse.  I am just so happy and cried when I knew he was home.  It was just such a day for me and now today starts my time of getting to know my new best friend and I can't wait.  It is just such a special, special day.  I can't thank you enough.� Blue Skies,� Pam in Montana

Bailador arrives under blue skies!�

Bribon! Playful, sensitive, kind and amazingly gentle 

Hi Susan,
I'm always happy to say wonderful things about Bribon!� Bribon is honest, genuinely eager to please, willing and hardworking.� He accepts new concepts without any resistance, is light in the hand and extraordinarily comfortable under saddle. Who wouldn't want a horse with such a wonderful work ethic? So ,if you also consider that he is also affectionate, playful, sensitive, kind and amazingly gentle. 

Let's just say I feel unbelievably lucky and privileged to call him my dressage partner.� We are in full training with Donna Richardson (amazing instructor/rider/competitor/judge) and will start showing in February '12, Del Mar at first level. Onward and upward...let the fun begin!!�� Thank you so very much for helping me find Bribon.�� Cheers,� Sara Eigner 

This gorgeous gelding is son of Lavrador and was classically� trained by Bruno Gonzales and Tina Veder.

�The Brightest part of each day :)� he is such magic ...we have the most glorious luv affair ever.... Thank you so much!!���� ~ Kathy in San Francisco

Sereno� Buckskin Purebred Lusitano Gelding


Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect mares for my breeding program.  I can't wait to see what they will produce next spring; their bloodlines perfectly compliment that of my stallion and I am bursting with anticipation!  Susan, you helped me find exactly what I wanted, even though I didn't have a whole lot of cash to work with.  You have also been incredibly generous with your knowledge of the Andalusian breed, bloodlines, and reproductive health issues.  I am so thankful to you for all your help and will come to you any time I am looking to buy or sell another horse.  I will gladly give your name to my friends when they are looking as well.

With Much Gratitude,

Cher Becker (Minnesota)

P4 Spanish Horses

Standing KBF Adoro

Cherlynn launches her Andalusian Breeding Program at P4 Spanis Horses

�This is the finest horse I have ever met� she has exceeded my expectations�

I look forward to riding her this summer!��

������������������������������������������������������������� ~ Sue Ann, Oklahoma

Today was the first day I rode him, and he did great!  He never got excited or did anything wrong.  This morning he started following me around.  Now every time I go out he runs up to the gate.  He has settled in so easily, lately I've been taking him on walks through the barn and around the property to get him use to everything.  He has become such a sweetheart.  My mom and I are just in love with him, and he is so beautiful. He is such a great horseTalk to you soon.� Best, Brooke

Cortesana XXVI� Imported Pure Spanish PRE Mare

Boleo M ~ Pure Spanish Andalusian Dressage FEI Prospect

Xato 7R ("Chateau") 2003 Buckskin Lusitano Stallion (former owner)

Primero MAC, Son of Fuego de Cardenas, Spanish Olympic Team

�I would like to send a big "THANK YOU" to Susan Ambrose of Andalusians de Mythos, for all of her work in helping to find Xato the perfect partner�and for assisting me in selecting and importing my new stallion, PRIMERO MAC from Spain!�

I also want to thank her for always being available, to both Jo and I, and offering her excellent, professional advice. She knew that Xato would be a great fit for Jo, and she has made this difficult and emotional process much easier for me. I offer her my sincerest gratitude, and highly recommend Susan if you are looking to buy or sell an Iberian horse.�

~ Lisa Williams, Classical Iberians LLC

Just wanted to say I had a very positive experience purchasing my new horse Modico. Susan was very helpful in finding the right match for my level of riding and interest in Dressage. The website is very professional and easy to navigate. The videos are helpful, especially when you want to show them to your trainer before you consider making a trip to see the horse. Gloriosa Farms has some very nice horses and the owner Dawn is very honest and upfront with information about her horses. Overall it was a very positive experience and I found the horse I feel I can excel with in Dressage as an adult amateur. Thank you Susan for helping me find my Dream Horse!� Sincerely Yours, Carol DiCarlo

Modico 2006 Andalusian Dressage Gelding

Susan was a GREAT HELP in my purchase Xato 7R.� I had looked for an Iberian for over 2 yrs on line, viewing over 300 videos. I almost lost my trainer due to my many requests to look at videos of horses. Given this was to be my "last" horse, I was looking for the perfect match of quality and beauty.� In Xato 7R, I found a great match.� Susan was creative in her approach in an agreement between Xato's former owner and myself, satisfying both our needs.� In fact, it went so well, Xato's former owner and I have retained a business relationship! How may times can a "horse sale" make that claim...

A very large "Thank You" to Susan for her patience with my many questions and anxieties.� I had never spent so much money on a horse, and my marriage was "on the line" if I blew it!� She held my hand throughout the process, taking endless questions and soothing my nerves.�� While no broker can take the place of doing your own homework, Susan was "there" though out the process, and afterwards.� I would have no hesitancy in buying a horse through her again.� But alas, I have purchased my last horse....

Sincerely, Giovannina (Jo) Caruso

Xato�s New Owner, Jo writes:

"I found the Andalusians de Mythos site by accident while searching the internet for Andalusian and Lusitano sale horses.  I sent an e-mail and Susan responded.  We ended up having several e-mail and phone conversations about the breeds, their character and what I was personally looking for in a horse.  She was diligent in sending possibilities and sent me to a small farm that I would never have found on my own.  It was Susan's attention to detail, ability to listen to my needs and access to many horses that led me to purchasing my dream horse, a 4 year old Lusitano gelding.  Thanks Susan!"� ~ Barbara

Barbara has competed at I-1 and PSG and found her first Iberian horse here:

"Nine years ago, I fell in love with a beautiful, talented Andalusian mare named Nolita, who was in training at the boarding barn where I was boarding my horse. I was asked to participate in Nolita's early training and we bonded very deeply. But that portion of her training came to an end, and we had to say goodbye. I never forgot Nolita and 9 years later, found her for sale on Susan Ambrose's website Andalusians de Mythos. I contacted Susan, explained our history, and she contacted me back immediately with Nolita's sale information. Susan worked tirelessly for several weeks, with so much compassion, empathy, and especially professionalism, to bring me back together with one of my most treasured soulmates. I am forever grateful....Thank you Susan!"

Nolita D ~ Pure Spanish Andalusian Dressage FEI Prospect

Susan Ambrose


�Hi!� Just a follow up to after many weeks of having Babaloo with me� Let me tell you� he is very curious about everything and always wondering what I'm up too! . He has become very relaxed with his surroundings and has made a few buddies.� He is a pleasure to ride and fabulous on the trails. I'm very happy with my decision :)��� ~ Katie, Boston MA

[note: Katie is 12 yrs old with a naturally great seat. She had never ridden a Lusitano before and had no dressage experience!�� She found Babaloo online and had already tried several horses before contacting me� and I�m especially gratified at the wonderful match they�ve made.]

Babaloo do Retiro � Imported Cremello Lusitano Gelding

" I have to tell you I am thrilled with Franklin. He is kind, sensible, and a fast learner!� Everyone keeps commenting on how sweet and well behaved he is. Of course he does baby things - he isn't even 3 and a half yet - but he is unlike any other baby I've raised. Every day he amazes me with his willingness."� - Diane G, California

�I can�t thank Susan enough for all her patience, research and intermediary efforts for more than a year as I looked for my new horse partner.  She was ever patient in answering or finding the answers to my many questions, as I have never considered buying a horse from such a rich resource as the de Mythos web site.  She helped arrange a visit to 2 wonderful barns situated very close to one another that had several lovely and well trained Iberian (Andalusian and Luistano) horses for me to ride and evaluate.  And I found my new Horse!! He is everything that I hoped for and a joy to ride. In addition, she taught me so much about the rich history and characteristic of the 2 breeds that has certainly increased my interest in these horses. � ~ C. Donawho

�Hi Susan, I had to share with you.... You can't believe how great Eloquent did at her 1st lesson. Eloquent was an angel. I am just am amazed at this mare. I got a ton of compliments on her. Patrick King (instructor ) really liked her A LOT as well. But that aside, I just love her so much. She has style yet is such a dream to ride. Please feel free to use me as a reference contact if needed. We are so in love with Eloquent so perhaps we are a bit smitten.� Deb R, PA

Photo: A pastured horse is a happy horse!

Eloquent � Lusitano 2009 Dressage Mare is a dream to ride

He's doing great!� He loves his new barn and new herd.  He goes out everyday with 5 other horses, and has made friends with all.  I'm riding him almost every day, although I have yet to purchase a saddle. I'm riding him in a bareback pad with a new dressage pad w/ sheepskin support for his spine and withers. I took off the bit and am riding him in a Parelli rope hackamore.  He does everything - turns, stops, backs and side passes - without the bit and is much happier....who knew ;)   My sister is now in the market, since I brought home Intenso MOR aka Mojo!�� - Ericka M, Ohio

Intenso MOR Arrives just in time for Christmas!

Gaspar�PRE stallion with FEI potential� everything and more!

Franklin Lusitano Gelding� Wins over another first time Lusitano owner