Purebred Spanish Horses� P.R.E.� Pura Raza Espaola

May be registered with the following entities:

ANCCE� Spanish Stud Book� -� Click here for ANCCE details

ANCCE is managed in the USA by� United States P.R.E. Association

Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse� (USA)

Association of the Foundation Andalusian Horse(US)


Registry Options for Purebred Spanish & Portuguese

Horses and their Crosses

Half� Andalusians and Half Lusitanos

All Half Andalusians or Lusitanos with one registered purebred parent are eligible for registry papers in the IALHA registry and the Association of the Foundation Andalusian Horse(US)as a Half Andalusian.�

As of 2011, the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse created a new registry called the Spanish Heritage Horse Registry.See the list below of the horses they will register:

�� Azteca - P.R.E. and a Quarter Horse registered with AQHA or a Paint Horse registered with APHA

�� Spanish-Arab - P.R.E. and Arabian

�� Spanish-Anglo - P.R.E. and Thoroughbred

�� Spanish Warmblood - P.R.E. and any Warmblood

�� Warlander - P.R.E. and Friesian

�� Spanish Draft - P.R.E. and a Draft Horse

�� Spanish-Portuguese - P.R.E. and Lusitano

�� Others to be determined


Confused yet?? Lots of registries for such a rare breed!

What�s more, some crosses are recognized breeds with their own individual registries.� These Registries are separate entities and we will be happy to support your desire to register your foals with any of these!

Azteca (AQHA-x, the national horse breed of Mexico)� has two registries in the USA.

American Azteca Registry� (AQHA�x)

Azteca Horse Registry of America�� (AQHA�x)

Spanish Norman� (Percheron-x)

Iberian Warmblood� (TB-x)

Warlander� (Friesian-x)

Hispano~Arabe� (Arabian-x)

Adante, Grulla Azteca Stallion