'Ducha-Plaque' is the plaque above the arch. It reads: 'Cortijo de Ducha, se reedifico por Don Cristobal Romero Zarco a�o 1887'. Translated- The farmhouse Ducha, rebuilt by Don Cristobal Romero Zarco in 1887.



The Original Cortijo: Romero Benitez Stud


The Ducha - the original� 'cortijo' - farmhouse of the family of Romero Benitez. Here are images of the old buildings, the stables, showing the 'hierro'� (the brand) - that the horses carry.


This Ducha farm in Jerez taking on a new life with ongoing interest in the Romero Benitez line of horses. The yeguero/studmaster, has been there for over 20 years, and knows the stories and the history of the family and the farm.


1. 'Ducha� -(above) the main arch is the entry to the old courtyard. I took the photo from the outside looking in. In the traditional Spanish style, this is an enclosed courtyard, with the house, the stables and the barns all leading off it. There are still ancient cobbles on the ground.

5. Ducha window

Text Box: � Josephine C�novas

2. Ducha Plaque

Text Box: � Josephine C�novas

Josephine C�novas

3. The entry from inside the courtyard looking out

3. Ducha stables

Josephine C�novas

Ducha stables is taken from inside the courtyard, and the door on the left leads into the old stables. They are underneath the house where the stud manager lives. They are wonderfully cool in our hot summers.


Ducha window' is a typical farm-barn round window below the eaves - with the Ducha brand as the window frame.


All photos� Josephine C�novas� November 2005�

Jerez, Spain� Thank you Josephine!

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