Arena near the entrance to The Carriage Museum

Carriages just outside the entrance

of the carriage museum

Entrance hall of the carriage museum

Note the high ceilings & detailed craftsmanship of the building

Handcrafted carriages from the 1700s &1800s

Photo: Ambrosia Designs

Photo: Ambrosia Designs

Photos: Ambrosia Designs

This museum, adjacent to the carriage museum, held many treasures of centuries old Coachmen attire

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ambrosia designs

Photo: Ambrosia Designs

These treasures are encased in glass which reflected

camera flash, but rest assured its well worth the visit in person

Royal School of Equestrian Arts, Jerez

Royal School Warm Up

Carriage Museum

Miguel Angel Cardenas

Cardenas Auction 2008

Cardenas Stallion Barn

Romero Benitez Stud

Feria del Caballo

SICAB 2008

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