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Andalusian horses for sale

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Andalusian Stallion

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PRE Foals for sale

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Dressage Andalusian for sale



Pure Spanish Horse

Andalusian for sale

Andalusians for sale

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Pure Spanish Horse

Pura Raza Espanola

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Dressage Horses for Sale

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Updated Nov 2014


PRE— Andalusian  Pure Spanish Horse  Pura Raza Espanola

PSL— Lusitano  Puro Sangre Lusitano from Portugal


Spanish and Portuguese (Iberian) horses possess unmatched versatility, athleticism and bravado.   They are intelligent, willing and noble. They are well suited for most disciplines, including Dressage, both classical and competitive; English & Western Pleasure, Eventing, ranch work, Doma Vaquera, Driving, Alta Escuela (high school), Working Equitation, Competitive Trail and Bullfighting. 


We offer exceptional quality athletes from our breeding program & from several reputable breeders around the USA, Canada & Spain.  We are passionate breeders committed to the welfare of these horses and to creating the ideal long term partnership.


Contact Susan Ambrose  Send Email  1-888-8MYTHOS  or 720.296.4524


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Susan Ambrose



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Available in Spain

FEI Stallions Competing at Grand Prix & Prix St George

Olympic Team and SICAB Champions

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Text Box: FEI Dressage Pure Spanish & Lusitanos in Spain 
Text Box: Featured Stallion

Extraordinary Opportunity—Grand Prix Imported PRE Stallion

FLASH—71% at first show of 2014 at Grand Prix

Incredible Grand Prix Competition Stallion already imported from Spain and located on the East Coast. This stallion is amateur friendly, light to the aids, and very animated. 

Email for details. 1.888.8MYTHOS

Diana Hunt Photo

Diana Hunt Photo

Text Box: Featured Gelding
Text Box: Featured Mare

Carinosa HPF  2009 PRE Grey Mare

Very Spanish in build. Schooling 1st & 2nd level movements with FEI trainer.  Straight forward movement, extension at the trot, halter or performance candidate. UC Davis E/eA/a carries chestnut gene. Inscribed carta in hand resisted with IALHA. Leads, halters, ties, wash rack, clips, and easily handles farrier work. Sire: FETICHIN, 16.1h imported dressage stallion x  Melosa, 16h, Regalado II granddaughter. Ohio  new video 1-888-MYTHOS or send an email

Bay Andalusian Dressage Gelding

This beautiful bay gelding has excellent manners and temperament. He is very well suited for the AA rider with a desire to show and move up the levels.  Schooling dressage with professional trainer from Spain with classical foundations—currently being introduced to changes, piaffe, passage.  TX.  video under saddle  Email  or call 1.888.8MYTHOS