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Nepenthe has elegance and substance, measuring 15.3H at 4 yrs & still growing. She has floating gaits, with nice extension & overreach. She is one of our most athletic fillies with tremendous energy and agility. She is a sweet and willing companion with a playful charm and she follows us around like a puppy and comes running from the pasture when called. She is showing such willingness under saddle and is supple and responsive to aids and really enjoys working!

Nepenthe M is a gentle grey mare born in 2001. She is a revised P.R.E. Pure Spanish Filly sired by Pinturero III, Spanish imported grey stallion from the renown Urquijo stud (Spanish royalty) known for their impressive breeding program from Pure Bocado lines. Nepenthe�s dam Arisca is pure Terry, a Legionario III (Champion of Spain) granddaughter. Nepenthe was approved in the Spanish Stud Book in 2005.

Nepenthe has discovered her purpose� she is now a part of the most extraordinary educational equine retreat and healing center in Victoria, British Columbia, at Spirit Gate Farms.

Spirit Gate is a spiritual and healing community offering a unique variety of self empowering programs.� Visit the website at www.spiritgate.cato discover the powerful workshops and ongoing programs for self help, ranging from horsemanship, to empowerment, leadership, bereavement, post traumatic stress, illness and healing, eating disorders, and more.

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