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Fugitiva is a dark chestnut PRE 15.3H mare with a glimmering iridescent sheen. Sired by the imported black stallion, Dejado II, imported from Spain and a US National Champion.�


Dejado was bred by Maria de Escalera, one of Spain�s most prominent breeders of black and bay PREs.� Dejado's sire was Ganador VIII, the most famous of the Escalera stallions. Tiva also has 4 crosses to Maluso.


Her dam is Bastinera de la Parra, primarily Bocado bloodlines (Cartujano), a granddaughter of Orotavo & Capitan XIII (CH of Spain).�


Tiva has a gorgeous head & expression, arched neck, broad, deep chest... lovely substance and a floating, balanced trot.� To top it off she has the most wonderful sweet & and loving temperament.� It�s truly a blessing to live with this sweet, generous mare.


Tiva graced us with two very tall, athletic black colts, Toltec M, born May 2005 and Maximus M, both by our black stallion, Conquistador XII, �Dante�. This breeding has produced fantastic outcome, as these colts have been evaluated as Grand Prix prospects.


Toltec has height, substance, Dante�s gorgeous laid back shoulder, long hip and sloping croup with low tail set. He has a curly mane and tail, a wonderful neck set and beautiful chiseled head and eye. Toltec and MAximus are incredibly similar and both are inquisitive yet laid back with a gentle demeanor.� They are both a joy to be around with unlimited charm and a humorous nature.�

Toltec at 3 months

Maximus M 2007 black colt

Toltec M�� 2005 black colt

Toltec M� ~ 2005 Black PRE Colt�

Maximus M is Tiva�s 2007 black colt. He is almost identical to Toltec, with great substance, self collection, gorgeous conformation and type. He was hand raised and has personality to spare. Already 15.2 hands at 18 months old, Maximus resides in Canada and is destined to become a herd sire�

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