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Nirvana TCV 

Sired by Malandante, son of Genio III

Dam:  Dulcynea, black daughter of Jugueton V,

Champion of Spain bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas


A befitting name, for this black mare is our concept of Nirvana… she embodies one of the primary goals of our breeding program at Mythos.


The majority of our breeding stock represents a blending of three prominent Cartujano (Bocado) studs:  Miguel Angel Cardenas, Miguel Lovera and Romero Benitez.   In Nirvana, all three lines converge and the result is magical. 


Her exceptional sire, Malandante is one of the most important stallions of the 25 year breeding program at Tina Veder’s Caballos de los Cristiani.  Her dam is sired by the Champion of Champions in Spain, Jugueton V.    Nirvana brings a special component to our breeding program and has proved to be an outstanding mother.

Genio III, grandsire

imported Black PRE  Lovera sire and dam

Cartujano (Bocado) stallion

Jugueton V, maternal grandsire


Sire of Nirvana, son of Genio III

Jugueton V

Champion of Spain

Bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas


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       DULCYNEA 1

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                                     BRIOSA III  (Romero Benitez)

               LA NINA

                                      LUCENO 1973 (I.T.I..

                        LA NINA (I.T.I.)

                                      DICTADORA 1969