A stunning PRE revised mare carrying Bocado bloodlines from Lovera, Romero Benitez, and further back in her pedigree: Urquijo, Terry & Osborne.� Querida has strength, bone, and elasticity. Like her national champion sire, she possesses extreme movement & presence.�


Her sire Imaginario (below), holds multi-national championship titles in halter & performance. Her Spanish-bred grandsire, Senorito XXVI is CH. of Spain & has 4 National Champions in the USA. Querida has 2 crosses to Bruja, the Lovera bred mare, ranked Spain�s #1 Mare and #2 PRE second only to Vasallo II� in the LIMPRE ratings.


Querida�s foals have inherited her sweet nature, brilliance and huge movement.� She has passed on her hidden bay gene to her two colts Avatar and Templar.� She is expecting a foal in 2009 from the Qualified imported PRE stallion, Comanche II.

Querida has presented us with two stunning bay colts, Avatar M (left) & Templar M.� Sired by Conquistador XII, they represent a rare blend of Spain's top breeders: Lovera, Romero Benitez, Miguel Angel Cardenas, tracing to early Osbourne & Terry.� Avatar was born a golden metallic honey bay with beautiful proportions, a calm demeanor�a perfect gentleman with great agility.�� See Avatar under the foals section� and Templar under stallions.

Foals: Avatar M� & Templar M

Templar M�2005 Bay Stallion out of Querida K by Conquistador XII. This colt has perfectly balanced proportions, a beautiful sculpted head, arched neck, lovely lay back to his shoulder & a long, sloping hip & low tail set. We are simply thrilled with his quality.

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Querida won the Gold Metal movement award at her first regional breed show,� the California Rainbow Royal.�


She is Revised in the Spanish Stud book & IALHA registered. Querida is truly a sweetheart, a very special mare.


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Castalia M, 2007 filly

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