The Rare Cartujano Bocado Lineage


This is one of many versions of the Carthusian story. In the mid 1400�s, the production of armour for horse and rider was mastered�adding 350 lbs to the weight carried into battle.� A decree was issued by the Spanish military authority, directing the Spanish breeders to blend their pure Andalusian mares with Neopolitan drafts. A small group of family breeders refused, selecting their best horses and hiding them away on monastery lands in Cartujana, donated by a wealthy patron, Don �lvaro Obertos de Valeto.


The Carthusian monks were said to have managed a breeding program for almost 400 years there after, keeping detailed breeding records. Around� 1835, the government dissolved the church�s ownership of lands. The horses were carefully passed on and treasured by a small handful of families beginning with Pedro Jos� Zapata, who diligently preserved the original lines. He used the brand of the bit, called �Bocado�. Today we still refer to the horses as �Bocado� or Cartujano.


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�� For centuries the Cartujano, or Carthusian bloodline was thought to be the purest of the Andalusian race. There are countless myths and legends surrounding this lineage, also referred to as Bocado, for the brand of the bit.

�� Over 160 years later, there are less than 1000 pure Cartujano (Carthusian or Bocado) Andalusians left throughout the world. A few breeders are striving to preserve that lineage.


�� One prominently recognized breeders of the Bocado line was Fernando A. and Isabel Merello Terry of the Terry Stud.�� In 1983, the State Heritage department, Patrimonio del Estado, took charge of the vineyard & livestock assets, and in 1985 the livestock was separated from the other assets belonging to the vineyard.


A Spanish National Monument�

�� In 1990, Patrimonio del Estado incorporated the stud farm into the public sector company EXPASA Agricultura y Ganader�a, S. A., which was given the responsibility of maintaining and improving this unique genetic heritage. Today the breeding program is based on the original Bocado horses and was declared an official Spanish National monument, the Yeguada de la Cartuja - Hierro del Bocado.


�� Many of today's Andalusians in Spain, Portugal and throughout the world carry traces of Bocado blood. Some consider these modern day descendants the purest lineage of the Andalusian bloodline, while others still love the traditional �type� regardless of the history.

�� The Bocado line possess a graceful round profile, elegance, great beauty & agility. There is one continuous flowing line, starting from the poll, tracing the arched crest of the neck, the gentle slope of the wither, the broad muscular back, and finally ending along the rounded hip at the low tucked tail. The movement is proud, powerful and lofty with high knee and hock action and strong impulsion from behind. The head is sculpted, with a large triangular eye with pronounced orbital arch and intelligent gaze. They truly command attention and seem to exude dignity and intelligence beyond the imagination.�

Byzantina M � Cartujano (Bocado) Mare in foal for 2017



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�� Our Pure Spanish Horses descend from the Cartujano (Bocado) line and the majority have more than 90% Cartujano blood.� We are dedicated to maintaining the traditional qualities of this breed and carefully evaluate conformation, movement & temperament for our breeding stock.

Tanzania M ~� Black Mare� from Cartujano� lines

Nobleza del Guadiana Cardenas,� & Romero Benitez bloodlines

Cartujano Mare & Foal ~ Cardenas, Lovera & Romero Benitez bloodlines