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This section pays tribute to the remarkable stallions behind our breeding program. ��

Bred in Spain by Isabel Terry and later imported to the USA by Greg Garrison after attaining the honor of Champion of Spain. We have two of his grand daughters and two great granddaughters.� This is one of the most important foundation sires of the USA, having left a legacy through his many exquisite descendants.

Legionario III - Champion of Spain, Isabelle Morello Terry�

Sire of our stallion, Conquistador XII. Undefeated, Multiple Champion in morphology & movement holding 6 titles in Spain. Imported to Mexico where he competed and received the title of National Champion. Owned by the Indiano Syndicate. Legendary for his superb movement, conformation, and as a prolific breeding sire. He has champion offspring in Spain, Mexico and US.

Indiano XVIII� - Champion of Spain, Mexico & USA

Vasallo II� - Champion of Spain, Miguel Angel Cardenas

Vasallo II is the number one rated PRE in the world (Limpre ratings) and Champion of Spain. He is revered for his classic beauty and the legacy of his offspring.� Bred by the top winning stud in Spain, Miguel Angel Cardenas, Vasallo is great-grandsire to Jasmin ECV appearing twice in her pedigree. He is also twice in the pedigree of Electra M, and our anticipated 2009 foal from Jasmin.

Bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas, Spain�s top winning breeder, Genil is grandson of� Nevado III and the Cardenas foundation stallion, Bilbaino III (bred by Isabel Merello Terry). He is Champion of Spain and was later imported to Mexico by Frederico Jimenez Sainz where he won the Mexico National Championship. He is grandsire of our stallion Conquistador XII.

Genil - Champion of Champions in Spain & Mexico

Panadero VIII was bred by Muira, renown for their splendid sherry, athletic horses and fighting bulls. Panadero is the sire of both Olympic Silver Medal winner Invasor II and Gaucho III, internationally recognized member of the Spanish Olympic Training Team with Juan Matute prior to being imported into the USA in 1998.� He is maternal grandsire to Mesonera XX the dam of our Cortesana.�

Panadero VIII - sire of Olympic silver medalist Invasor II & Gaucho III, Olympic Training Team

This talented bay 16.2H PRE stallion was bred by Joaquin Conesa, Nobleza del Guadiana, breeder of the Indiano line. He was imported to the US as a youngster. Temerario is a grandson of Indiano XVIII and also carries Lovera and Military bloodlines. He was awarded Champion Stallion at ERAHC in 2005.� Temerario is a tremendous athlete and is sire of Teralda our bay filly.

Temerario X - Imported from Nobleza del Guadiana

Bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas in 1978, Jugueton V (Valido x Electra II by Vasallo II) is grandson of Vasallo II, #1 PRE in Spain (Limpre). Jugueton V was imported to the US by Jos Luis Bonilla. He is Jasmin�s grandsire on the bottom & great grandsire on the top and twice an ancestor of Electra M. He is also the grandsire of Aphrodite M, our 2002 bay filly out of Nabila.

Jugueton V - Champion of Spain, Miguel Angel Cardenas

This lovely stallion imported from Costa Rica is almost pure Bocado and was sired by the Spanish stallion Noticero V, a pure Bocado stallion bred by Juan Manuel Urquijo of Spain. He is the sire of Emotiva.

Llamativo ~ Imported from Tomas Batalla

Sired by the Spanish National Champion, Senorito XXVI (below), this incredible stallion has bloodlines rare to North America.� Imaginario is the sire of our broodmare Querida K from the prestigious Rancho Escondido.� He offers the renown Romero Benitez and Lovera bloodlines and does not stand at public stud. We have three of his grand-get, two of which inherited his hidden bay gene.

Imaginario� - US National Champion, Sire of� Querida K

General ~ US National Champion Under Spanish Judge

The General: 2 time 1994 national champion� in Halter & Hunt Seat, and Best in Show by Sr. Juan Llamas. Incredible movement, beauty & presence.� Leviton grandson. Sire of filly, Nirvana M and nephew of our mare, Gitana. High Plains Andalusians, Veronica Ramos owner.

Leviton, the #2 rated P.R.E. stallion in the Limpre system, bred by Yeguada Militar (now deceased). Sire and grandsire of many champions of Spain, Leviton has two or three descendants on the Spanish Olympic dressage team. We�ve produced 4 fillies by Leviton descendants.

Leviton� - Champion of Spain bred by Yeguada Militar

This bay pure Bocado stallion was bred by the famous Terry stud in Spain and was part of the breeding program of Fernando Lazo, one of the most successful breeders of bays. Poseido was 1989 Resv. Champion of Spain and is sire of our imported bay mare, Lebrijana XI. He sired two stallions� who became US national champions, Cordobes XX & Principe XIII. Poseido V is one of very few bays from the Terry stud.

Poseido V� ~ Sire of Lebrijana bred by Isabelle Morello Terry

Prestigio ~ Multiple US National Champion under Spanish judges

Six time U.S. National Champion title holder in performance & halter, this 16.3H stallion has been praised by both Spanish & American judges for his exemplary breed type. Sired by the national champion and top producing US sire, Castilblanco III, his dam is a daughter of Jugueton V, Champion of Spain bred by Miguel Angel Crdenas. Prestigio is the sire of Jasmin ECV and grand sire of Electra M.

Photo Tony DeCosta

Imported from the Olivera stud of Spain, Regaton was 2nd in Conformation and 2nd in movement at SICAB, only one-half point behind the champion. This regal stallion is known for his brilliant presence, powerful movement and the outstanding quality he puts on his foals. Sire of the broodmare Alteza and of Byzantina, our 2007 foal.�

Regaton II� ~ Imported from Spain

Sired by the Terry stallion CAMPANERO XIII 1978 (pure Bocado), half brother to the stallion above, this is the grandsire of Teralda our bay filly and is related to our herd sire, Dante through Cazador XI. He is sire of the gorgeous stallion Macareno imported to the USA, owned by Armando Miranda.

Indiano VI ~ Guadiana del Nobleza, Spain

This is an earlier Champion of Spain bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas, and he is the sire of Jugueton V above and son of Vasallo II, #1 PRE in Spain (Limpre system).� Our mares Jasmin, Electra and Aphrodite M are his descendants.

Valido - Champion of Spain, Miguel Angel Cardenas

Nevado III� -� grandsire of� Lebrijana XI� & Genil

A legendary breeding stallion of stunning beauty bred by Isabel Merello Terry in 1956, whose stud is now an official National Monument of Spain operated by the government, the only such breeding farm in all of Spain to achieve this honor. Nevado was a prominent sire of many outstanding PREs and can be found in the pedigree of many champions. He is the grandsire of Lebrijana our matriarch imported mare, as well as Genil (Cardenas), Dante�s grandsire.

Magno VI is a lovely correct grey stallion bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas, and he clearly exhibits the stamp of Cardenas. Magno is son of Ranchero III, Champion of Spain also bred by Cardenas. Magno was exported to the UK where he won Young Stock Champion at 3 years old and then went on to win Best Stallion at age 4.� He is owned by Maryss PRE Stud in UK.� Magno is the sire of Cortesana, his only offspring in the USA.

Magno VI - UK National Champion, Miguel Angel Cardenas

Grandsire of the stallion Magno IV, Poseido III is also the full brother to Poseido V, sire of our grand matriarch broodmare, Lebrijana. They are sons of Nevado III (Terry�see above) who appears throughout our herd, weaving another common thread through the tapestry of our broodmares.

Poseido III - National Champion of Spain bred by Isabel Terry

Ranchero III is Champion of Spain and sire of Magno VI, making him the grandsire of Cortesana.� His bloodline is not often found here in the USA, with only one direct son, Zodiaco, imported to Mexico, who won the National Champion senior stallion title at his first show in the USA. Ranchero is son of Leviton, another result of the Leviton cross with the Cardenas line, which produced many national champions in Spain.

Ranchero III - Champion of Spain, Miguel Angel Cardenas

A stallion of incredible quality who achieved the Championship title in Spain and has produced many champion offspring. Grandsire of our� mare Querida K.� The Romero Benitez stud was one of the foremost breeders of the Bocado line, producing correct, athletic horses. The primary line used by Joaquin Conesa to develop the Indiano horses.

Senorito XXVI� - Champion of Spain, Romero Benitez

Sired by the Terry stallion CAMPANERO XIII 1978 (pure Bocado), this is another sire of impeccable quality in the Indiano bloodlines bred by Joaquin Conesa of Guadiana del Nobleza. He is grandsire of Emotiva and related to our herd sire, Dante.

Indiano XXVI ~ Guadiana del Nobleza, Spain

Comanche is the first Pure LOVERA stallion to ever reach the shores of the USA.� He is one of the few PRE horses in the US to achieve the Qualified status with the Spanish studbook.� He was imported in 2008 and is owned by Rancho El Afortunado Andalusians, Alfredo Gonzales. We had an outstanding colt by Comanche in 2009 and have bred back to him again for a 2010 foal.��

Comanche II ~ Qualified Calificado PRE imported from Spain

Relampago, breathtaking PRE stallion with stunning movement & solid gold temperament. Imported from Spain, Relampago is a multi-national US Champion in halter and performance, under both Spanish & American judges at the Cria Caballar approved shows held by The Foundation & IALHA shows.� Relampago was bred by Eladio Vegas Alonso, & has Cardenas blood. He sired of our 2008 colt Mercurius M. Owned by Rancho Armendariz.�

Relampago ~ Multiple National Champion from Spain


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A spectacular producer and the 2005 Functionality Champion of Spain bred by Miguel Bohorquez and owned by Miguel Angel Cardenas. Sire of� Fuego de Cardenas, Spanish Olympic Team. Our mares Carmona and Alegria are his daughters.

Utrerano VII- Champion of Spain, Functionality 2005