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Text Box:

The Toltecs were a Central American society of†

esoteric wisdom keepers who preserved ancient knowledge.†

Fujitiva de la Parra x Conquistador XII


Purebred black colt born May 2005 with a black & a chestnut gene. Can produce black, bay, chestnut, and when bred with dilute mares: buckskin, palomino, grulla, smoky black & golden dun.


Toltec is tall and leggy, with an excellent shoulder, hip, fabulous temperament & gorgeous head. He loves performing Ďairsí and has the makings for high school movements.


He has amazing freedom of shoulder and exhibits correct Andalusian movement as well as lovely extensions.† He would do well in the competitive dressage arena or as a high school exhibition horse.


Dam: Fujitiva de la Parra sired by National Champion Dejado, the black imported stallion from Spainís† Maria de Escalera† stud.†

Tristanís dam Banbury Gitana is 94% Cartujano and is linebred on the stallion Destinado II, from Isabel Terry.† Destinado II† is the grandsire of Bilbaino III, foundation sire for the Cardenas stud.† Tristan has dense bone, a round full body, beautiful proportions and elegant baroque curves.† He is willing, agile, quick and lithe and learns very quickly.† Tristan is started under saddle and owned by Cynthia Kardian.

Text Box: Tristan: according to the Celtic myth, Tristan and the Irish maiden Iseult  (or Isolde) were eternally in love. Iseult was originally meant to wed King Mark of Cornwall but on her way to meet him, they drank a potion and feel eternally in love.

Pure Spanish Colt May 2004

Inscription pending.

Born black and greying.

Sire: Conquistador XII (black)

Dam: Banbury Gitana†††

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