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Text Box: Andalusians de Mythos Foals

Purebred Grey Colt, black gene

Dam: Camelot Bonita, 94% Pure Cartujano mare, sired by imported National Champion Bonito VIII.


Very baroque outline, expressive movement and teddy bear nature. Like Toltec, this colt is remarkably sweet and friendly so we feel he is well suited for a first time stallion owner.  Taliesen is the Druid name for Merlin ~ this boy is magical! Pictured at 1 month and at 7 wks. 

Dam: Querida K - Lovera & R. Benitez lineage

Sire: Conquistador XII / PMF

This repeat breeding produced a near replica of AVATAR M. We are pleased with the consistency of the foals produced by Querida & Dante.

Above: yearling

Taliesen M  at 7 weeks

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