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May 2006 Grey Colt 97% Carthusian

This friendly, laid back colt adores center stage attention & gladly gives you hugs and kisses. He is pictured at 2.5 months showing off his sweeping extensions, overreach† & balance.†

Alquimista† M

†pictured at 30 days old

Beautiful Black PRE Colt born July 2006

Lebrijana XI (a Nevado III granddaughter)


Conquistador XII / PMF


Beautiful & elegant, this colt has lovely bone, size and substance. He has shed out black and is 15H at almost 2 yrs of age.† Powerful, yet light movement, immense balance, nice overreach and impulsion.†† See full sister below.


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Artemisia M

Lebrijana XI† x† Conquistador XII


2008 bay daughter of Lebrijana XI, our imported bay mare from the acclaimed breeder Fernando Lazo Diaz, now deceased, one of Spainís most respected breeders of bays.† Lebrijana is sired by Poseido V, a pure Cartujano Terry stallion bearing the Bocado (bit) brand. Her dam Cordobesa XII was sired by Tangible, a Maluso son.† This filly is an Indiano granddaughter and carries a black gene.