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Text Box: Dante is passing on his lovely neck & laid back shoulder, beautiful hip & low tail set. His  foals have upright  self carriage, elevated movement, straight legs and wonderful personalities. They are elegant without sacrificing bone substance.


Conquistador� (aka �Dante�) is standing at stud in 2018

Now accepting bookings for the 2018 Season.

Breeding Fees - Purebreds: $2,000�� ���Non-Andalusians:� $1,000��

Booking fee of $200 is included in stud fee listed above. The vet collection and overnight shipping is responsibility of the mare owner.

2018 Breeding Incentives

Multi-Mare Discount:

A multi-mare breeding discount of $200 per mare bred within the same year and discounted collection fee ($200) on the first breeding.�

�All returning mare owners receive a lifetime breeding discount.�

Please contact Susan Ambrose at 720.296.4524

Conquistador represents a truly rare combination of the Indiano and Miguel Angel Cardenas bloodlines in the rare color of BLACK. No where else will you find such a stallion possessing this unique heritage.

Susan Ambrose


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Just imagine the possibilities with your mare!

��� Breeding your mare to Conquistador (aka Dante) is easy!� We are committed to deliver excellence and reliability with every breeding.� We�ll take the guess work out of the process for you and provide old-fashioned service with a smile.�� We have had many happy maiden mare owners who have returned for repeat breedings to this wonderful stallion.��

��� Conquistador is DNA color tested homozygous for the black gene. He carries two black genes, and always gives his offspring a black gene.� Depending on the color of the mare, he has produced a variety of colors, including blacks, bays, black-bay, buckskin, grulla, paints, and greys.� He cannot produce a chestnut, as his black gene is dominant over the red factor.

��� Conquistador sires outstanding pure and partbred foals.� His babies are born strong and curious, not fearful!� They have amazing balance at a couple of hours old, and are very friendly, bold, and correct with lovely self carriage and movement.� In addition to their intelligence, beauty and athleticism, his foals are naturally well mannered and very people oriented. Perhaps that is why almost every mare owner has bred a Dante foal to keep for life, with very few exceptions!

��� Dante has no difficulty in settling a mare, provided she is in healthy breeding condition. Even difficult mares in their twenties, and older maiden mares in their late teens, have conceived and delivered healthy foals.� A live foal guarantee is offered.

��� Dante is professionally collected Monday-Friday in the late afternoon at a renown equine veterinarian facility.� The container is shipped via Fed Express to insure your shipment is on its way to you.� Delivery is typically received by 10:00am the next morning, so your shipment arrives fresh, less than 24 hrs old.��� We randomly check samples at our vet facility and in every test, his cooled semen has remained viable for up to 5 days.

Foal Registration

Dante�s purebred foals are eligible for registration with Spain, (ANCCE), the PRE Mundial, and IALHA.�� We will be happy to help you sort out the registry paperwork process.

��� All foals from non-Andalusian mares are eligible for registration with the IALHA as Half Andalusians, regardless of dam�s paperwork status. He has produced gorgeous crosses from TB, AQHA, Arabian, Appendix, Friesian, Morgan, Paso Fino, Percheron,� Paint, Missouri Foxtrotter, Spanish Barb and Mustang mares.� Visit our online photo gallery of Dante babies here on this site.

��� Practically all of our home-bred and raised colts at Mythos have been acquired by FIRST TIME stallion owners who have been pleased with the temperaments that he passes on. To his colts. ���See Dante�s foals here.

Reserve Your Foal for 2016

If you do not have a mare and would like to reserve a foal from us, call or email me about reserving a foal from one of our mares (in-utero purchase).� We can offer belly leases on one of our stellar mares. Or, depending upon availability, we will assist you with leasing a mare to breed to Dante for your next foal.���

Thank you for your interest in this beloved, special stallion!

Adante, Azteca Grulla Color Stallion

Raza, Grey Spanish Stallion

(his dam is grey)

Contessa, out of Palomino Appendix (Bold Ruler)

See slide show of� Progeny

Conquistador Offspring