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Here are classical trainers currently in the USA and Canada

Listed geographically from the east to the west coast.

Contact them directly for further information.

Tina Christiani Veder

The Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute

Caballos de los Cristiani� & New Dawn Equestrian

Classical training, starting young horses, showing competitive dressage FEI, lessons, full boarding available. New York, Ocala Florida��� 352.502.5422� ������Email:

Classical Trainers in USA and Canada

Holly Hansen, HH Classical Training

Columbus, NC�� Tel: 828-863-2825     Cell: 817-320-7581

Dedicated to preserving the art of classical dressage. 

Our training methods adhere the principles of the Old Masters.

This system understands and protects the gentle nature of the horse

and works with each individual physically as well as psychologically.���� email:

Denise LaMalfa� Classical and Competitive Dressage

Coalinga,� California��� 951.532.0228

Classical training,� starting young horses, showing competitive dressage, lessons, full boarding.�

Email:��� web:

Carlos Carneiro

Napa, CA

Carlos Carneiro is available for clinics worldwide to train horse and riders of all levels to improve their techniques and riding potential. Classical dressage, work-in-hand, lunge lessons, Working Equitation.�


Karen Rohlf, Dressage Naturally

Dressage Naturally is an educational system that focuses on partnership, communication, and gymnastic development as an artful process that should leave both horse and human feeling powerful, confident, and exhilarated.� Karen Rohlf�s primary motivation is to increase the happiness and harmony for horses and their humans. That process starts with ourselves and is nurtured throughout the Dressage Naturally process.

Karen Rohlf�� Ocala Florida���

web:��� email:�

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Frank Grelo

Grelo Farms, Caledon Ontario, Canada 905.838.1838


Frank Grelo was born in Portugal , the son of a cavalry man and master blacksmith. He has spent his entire life closely associated with horses, and trained in Portugal and France before meeting the legendary Nuno Oliveira, who coincidentally, lived only forty miles from Frank�s hometown in Portugal . For a number of years, Frank rode under the instruction of Oliveira and learned much about the ancient art of Classical Dressage. In 1971, Frank immigrated to Canada, where he continues the legacy at Cedar Mills in Bolton, Ontario.�


Mario Contreras




Mario offers training and showing both in hand and under saddle. His training is based on classical techniques.� [from his website: ] �Classical Dressage Training preserves the horse�s soundness and happiness, all the while developing the horse systematically according to time-honored and tested principles based on bio-mechanics and psychology of the horse.�� MC Horse Training does not discriminate horses based on breed or sex, provided their movement and gaits are suitable for dressage and their temperament is willing and generous.�

Hilda Gurney Keenridge Farm�

Moorpark, California� 805-529-3575

Hilda Gurney is an active competitor, breeder, trainer, judge and was involved in founding the California Dressage Society. Known for her attention to detail and perfection, Gurney won the team bronze medal at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal with her self-trained horse, Keen. The duo returned for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, and Keen was later inducted into the U.S. Dressage Federation Hall of Fame.� Email:

Jec Aristotle Ballou

Santa Cruz, CA�� 831-419-3445

Jec's lifelong study of classical dressage includes ten intensive training residencies in Portugal, two training residencies in Holland, and one residency in Germany with the late Egon von Neindorff. Most recently, she has studied in Melbourne, Australia with Manolo Mendez, original head rider of the Royal School of Equestrian Arts in Spain.� Jec is available for clinics and speaking engagements/workshops throughout the U.S. Author of 3 books, including the best-selling 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider

Web:�� email:

Sarah Pinney�

Sun Hill Training - Poway, California� 760-214-1379 or 760-599-4000
With 40 years riding experience and 25 years as a professional, Sarah Pinney has truly made her passion for horses a lifetime commitment. Classically educated in Portugal, Great Britain and the States, she emphasizes a classical dressage foundation for both horse and rider. She believes that with such a foundation, you and your horse can pursue any equestrian discipline. Her training techniques have been shaped by such world-renowned trainers as Joao Olivieria, Jean-Claude Racinet, and Maestre Luis Valenca.������������������������������������������������������������

Sabine Schut-Kery

Thousand Oaks, California ������


I grew up in Germany and learned to ride in the German tradition. I discovered my love for exhibition riding as a young girl.� I was fortunate to be able to apprentice with Jean Bemelmans, the coach of the Spanish Olympic Team. Afterwards I continued to receive intensive training from Stephanie Meyer-Biss. After I moved to the U.S., I also studied with Jan Nivelle (coach for the Spanish Young Riders team), at regular clinic intervals. Since moving to California, I have continued my riding education with Sue Blinks and Christine Traurig. I take only eight horses at time, so that each horse will receive my full attention. I personally ride all of my training horses five days per week. All training horses are turned out on grass pasture seven days a week. The horses receive top notch care at the beautiful facility El Campeon Farms in Thousand Oaks, located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. I like to design a program to fit each horse's needs. I enjoy working with horses at all stages of their dressage training.

Marie-Claude Bouillon

Luna Caballera, Quebec Canada



A website in French language featuring Marie-Claude Bouillon� and her cadre of performers. Marie-Claude is a trainer, writer, performer and offers classical dressage clinics on theory and practice. She also hosts clinics for Frank Grelo

Snr. Francisco Garcia Iba�ez

"Specialist Master Rider" Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez Spain

Sr Garcia is based� in Aiken, South Carolina. He is a knowledge classical trainer from Spain with a lifetime of experience with Iberian horses. Grand Prix to high school (alta esquela) and aires above the ground. He is available for training, clinics and private lessons throughout the country.� Contact Susan Nielsen Happily Ever After Dressage� 610.350.6777

Bruno Gonzales

The Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute

Caballos de los Cristiani� & New Dawn Equestrian

Classical training, starting young horses, showing competitive dressage FEI, lessons, full boarding available. New York, Ocala Florida��� 352.502.5422� ������Email:

Ruth & Joey Perez, Art of Riding

Over 35 years combined experience working with Iberian breeds. Specializing in Doma Clasica, Doma Vaquera and Dressage.

Silver Springs Florida��� 352.216.6609