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Distinguito- Ignacio Ramblas

& Invasor II -Raphael Soto

Gaucho III

Olympic Training Team

Imported to USA by Juan Matute



Spanish Olympic Team

Oleaje ridden by Ignacio Ramblas� Athens Olympics 2004 Silver Medalists

Ignacio Ramblas�


The dressage tests performed at the Olympic Games are those of the highest level: Grand Prix. They are judged under the rules of the FEI. This level of test demands the most skill and concentration from both horse and rider.

Tests ridden at the Olympic Games are scored by a panel of five international judges. Each movement in each test receives a numeric score from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) and the resulting final score is then converted into a percentage, which is carried out to three decimal points. The higher the percentage, the higher the score.

Olympic team medals are won by the teams with the highest, second highest, and third highest total percentage from their best three rides in the Grand Prix test.

Once the team medals are determined, horses and riders compete for individual medals. The team competition serves as the first individual qualifier, in that the top 25 horse/rider combinations from the Grand Prix test move on to the next round. The second individual qualifier is the Grand Prix Special test, which consists of Grand Prix movements arranged in a different pattern. For those 25 riders, the scores from the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special are then combined and the resulting top 15 horse/rider combinations move on to the individual medal competition-the crowd-pleasing Grand Prix Musical Kur.

For their freestyles, riders and horses perform specially choreographed patterns to music. At this level, the freestyle tests may contain all the Grand Prix movements, as well as double canter pirouettes, pirouettes in piaffe, and half-pass in passage. For the freestyle, judges award technical marks for the various movements, as well as artistic marks. In the case of a tie, the ride with the higher artistic marks wins.



Gaits and movements performed at this level include: 

 collected and extended walk, trot, and canter;

 Trot and canter half-pass (a movement where the horse travels on a diagonal line keeping its body almost parallel with the arena wall while making both forward and sideways steps in each stride);

 Passage a slow-motion, suspended trot;

 Piaffe� (an approach to "trot in place");

 one, two, & three tempi changes (where the horse changes from one lead to the other in the canter); and

 canter pirouettes a 360-degree circle that is almost in place.


Evento, ridden by Ignacia Rambla. placed 14th at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and was the first Spanish horse to compete in the Olympics.


Invasor, ridden by Rafael Soto Andrade, was placed 6th in Dressage overall at the World Equestrian Games in 2002 in Aachen.


The Spanish Dressage team was awarded the Bronze at 2002 WEG�World Equestrian Games, Aachen Germany


Silver at the 2003 European Dressage Championships at Hickstead;


Also the Spanish dressage team won the team Silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics with 3 of the 4 members riding Purebred Spanish Horses.


More recently, Spain won the Bronze Medal again, at the European Dressage Championships in Hagen, Germany (July 2005).


And 16th at the 2008 Olympics Individual Dressage...  


Individual Awards

Gaucho was on the Spanish Olympic Training Team with Juan Matute prior to being imported into the USA in 1998.� Gaucho (by Panadero VIII) is half brother to Invasor II who placed 7th in Dressage Individual Grand Prix, 8th in GP Freestyle and 12th in GP Special during the Olympics held in Athens in 2004. Invasor and Rafael Soto also competed in the Atlanta Olympics in1996.


In the individual competitions, Beatriz Ferrer-Salat won bronze for Spain, riding BEAUVALAIS.

Rafael Soto on

Invasor II at

WEG Jerez Spain

Juan Matute became the Spanish Grand Prix Dressage Champion at the 2007 Spanish Dressage Championships held in Oviedo, Spain, for his 6th national championship award . Visit his site at�

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