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Pura Raza Española ~ Pure Spanish Horse ~ Andalusian




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Mastil, Champion of Spain

bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas uncle to our stallion

" The perfect horse is only a model that exists in our imagination…
   The wise selection consists of avoiding the serious defects and looking for how to complement the not so serious and slight defects."

                                    ~Miguel Angel de Cárdenas


Breed Traits & Characteristics


The Andalusian is strongly built, yet extremely elegant.

The typical  Andalusian stands 15.0 to 16.2 hands.

The head is of medium length, rectangular and lean.

The head in profile is slightly convex or straight with a broad forehead and  well-placed ears.

The eyes are alive, oval, and placed within an orbital arch.

The face is straight or softly convex, moderately narrow, and without excess flesh.

The neck is reasonably long, broad, yet elegant and well-crested in stallions.

The mane is thick and abundant.

Well defined withers precede a short back; the quarters are broad & strong.

The croup is rounded and of medium length.

The tail is abundant, set low, and lies tightly against the body.

Andalusian Traits

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