44 pages of available publications from this private book publisher!�� 2013-2014


The Art of Classical Training�� By Dr. Josef Knipp, MD


Introduction to Spanish Classical EquitationBy Antonio Topete Diaz


Classical Training� Links to six articles by Jenny Rolfe


The Legacy of Master Nuno Oliveira by Stephanie Grant Millham


The Baroque Equestrian Games Intro: I Want to Dance with My Horse


Institute of Heart Math�Scientific Research on Horses and Healing:


���� A New Meaning to �Horse Sense�


���� PEOPLE & PETS: Healing Each Other


���� HeartMath Technique Helps Canadian Rider Become a Champion����


Military Service Appreciation Initiative (Institute of Heart Math)


The Dressage Training Scale


The Definition of �On The Bit� by Bettina Drummond


A Canadian Equestrian Trains with Anja BeranDressage Today Magazine


In-Hand Classical Training Exercise with Jenny Rolfe Dressage Today Magazine


RollkurBy Jean Luc Cornille

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Training the P.R.E. with Vivi Garcia Dressage Today Magazine


Acquiring Your Iberian Horse on Foreign Turf

By Susan Ambrose, published in Andalusian World Magazine


Breeding the P.R.E. HorseDressage Today Magazine


Importing Your National Treasure from Spain

By Susan Ambrose, reprinted from PRE Magazine


Considerations in Training an Iberian for Competitive Dressage

By Tina Cristiani Veder & Bruno Gonzalez, reprint from Warmbloods Today


The Pure Spanish Horse

By British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse��


The Andalusian Breed History


A Brief History of the Warhorse


The PRE in the Olympics


P.R.E Pura Raza Espa�ola Accepted Colors


Doma Vaquera & Riding in the Spanish Tradition


A Guide to Doma Vaquera Competitions


The Horses of the Cartujano Monks (in English and Espa�ol)

By Susan Ambrose, reprinted from Equestre Magazine


Yeguada del Hierro del Bocado, EXPASA -
Safeguarding the Heritage of the Spanish Carthusian Horse

By Sabina Holle, Hanna Stud�


Hierro del Bocado, National Monument of Spain


The History of the Carthusian Horse


Carthusian Monestary: The origins of the Cartuja


The Carthusian Line

A quote from Don Jaime Guardiola Dominguez


Nobleza del GuadianaBreeders of the Lion of Spain

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History of the American CowHorse & Vaqueros

Re-introduction of the horse to the Americas; the California Cowboys


The Azteca Horse ~ The National Breed of Mexico

Ohio State Univ.


The Contribution of the Andalusian Horse to Modern Sport Horse Breeds

By Rebecca Olmstead


Articles, Books, Recommended Reading

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The Pure Spanish Horse

The Cartujano (Carthusian) Bloodlines

The Revival of the Baroque Horse

The Eclectic Horseman Magazine Article Archives


Bringing Home Your First Andalusian�� by Susan Ambrose


Horse Hair: Whorl Patterns Linked� to Behavior

Prepotency: The Breeder's Wild Cardby Janet Williams, Ph.D.


How to Breed for a Filly

New Zealand Wild Horse Study reveals nutrition plays a specific role


Nutritional Needs for a Broodmare��� Oklahoma State Univ.�

Breeding, Care & Equine Behavior

Andalusian Influence in Other Breeds

Susan Ambrose



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"All authors have always shown a preference for the Spanish horse, considering it the best of all horses for high school dressage, due to its agility, its resilience and its rhythm. It is considered the most adequate to show off, because of its bravery, distinction, and noble character."

~ Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere, Equerry to the King of France, circa 1773